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Fun, joy in life, in movement, in the details in a gesture... the interpersonal, the spark that jumps over, the spark of closeness, of being connected,

even one with each other.. in and with nature....full of vitality...

All this is the intention of my work, I would say.

Well, I'd rather let the characters speak for themselves than use too many words.

because maybe there is something more, something unspeakable

something to feel?


I started with wood, often inspired by the structure of the fibres, the rough laying out of human bodies, sketchy... the blurring of a movement.



the love for clay, or rather for wet earth,...sand, ....well, that has been with me since early childhood.



Metal fascinates me because it is so durable. With the plasma cutter I can either cut out the shapes I need or even work very illustratively from drawings.

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